Fullerton Community Center Wedding | Christina + Manny

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Outdoor weddings look beautiful because of the lush greenery spread all around. The lovely couple, Christina and Manny had a simple wedding in the Fullerton Community Center. It was a serene outdoor wedding and it was our pleasure to capture the beautiful wedding of this wonderful couple.

Fullerton Community Center Wedding 1

We can see the wedding gown of Christina amidst the lush greenery. We can also spot Christina’s footwear and flowers kept on the table for decoration. We have captured a guitar on which the wedding rings are kept.

Fullerton Community Center Wedding 2

Christina is getting ready with a beautiful smile on her face. Her friends are helping her with the wedding gown. Christina looks angelic in her wedding gown. On the other hand, we can see Manny is waiting for Christina eagerly in the Hillside Park. They are meeting for the first look. Fullerton Community Center Wedding 3

We have captured Christina greeting Manny from behind, as Manny looks in the front direction. Manny is delightfully surprised and he can’t stop grinning from ear to ear. Manny gently embraces Christina and the couple beam in delight. They look beautiful and happy together. The greenery around them and the gorgeous flower bouquet in Christina’s hand makes the setting of the first look perfect. Fullerton Community Center Wedding 4

We have captured a handful of pictures of their first look. The couple looks gorgeous in every frame. We couldn’t stop capturing them in the Hillside Park, where they are sharing some wonderful moments together, garnished with love and laughter. We can see Christina and Manny holding hands and kissing each other. Manny also poses with friends of Christina.

Fullerton Community Center Wedding 5 Fullerton Community Center Wedding 6

The wedding decorations are spectacular. The venue of the wedding ceremony, the Fullerton Community Center was decked up with white chairs, red flowers, embellishments and beautiful centerpieces.

Fullerton Community Center Wedding 7

We can see Manny looking towards Christina with a lot of love as she walks down the aisle with her father. The guests can’t stop cheering for the wonderful couple. As Christina walks down the aisle, the guests look at her with admiration. We captured some of the guests clicking pictures of Christina. Manny and Christina look extremely happy as they exchange the wedding vows. The guests present at their wedding are happy and emotional for the lovely couple.Fullerton Community Center Wedding 8

Christina and Manny kiss tenderly after they are pronounced husband and wife. Holding hands, they walk amidst the guests looking happy and content in each other’s presence as if their dreams have turned into reality. It was our privilege to capture the beautiful moments of the simple wedding of Christina and Manny.

Fullerton Community Center Wedding 9

Wedding Ceremony Location: Fullerton Community Center
Reception Location: Fullerton Community Center
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