Engagement Session Outfit Ideas – What to wear for engagement session

Fall is officially here! It’s such an exciting time of the year as the leaves of the trees start changing, the arrival of pumpkin everything, and not having to battle the insane humidity. As a result of all the positives of this season our friends at SimplyBridal have decided to create a dedicated post on engagements with a fall twist. If you are planning on taking your engagement photos during this lovely season, here are 5 tips and tricks to help explore your autumn engagement photo session apparel.

Pick a Theme

Many photographers suggest choosing a theme with your pictures. It makes everything look cohesive and what can be a better background than Mother Nature’s scenery. For this reason, many couples have chosen to go biking, hiking or partake in other outdoor activities. Consequently, a theme can be a location, a color or anything else that strikes your fancy.

What to wear on engagement session 2

Use Accessories as Props

An outfit is never complete without an accessory. This can be a hat, stunning jewelry or a sentimental item. The key to making props work is to have fun with them during the shoot. Kiss your fiancé while holding a stunning hat in front of your faces, or take a Red Flyer wagon with you on an outdoor shoot. Don’t be afraid to play with your accessories, you never know where your best shots may come from.

What to wear on engagement session 3

Coordinate Outfits

One of the pieces to creating great photos is to complement each other. Great engagement photos show joy, love and togetherness. Thus one of the keys to highlighting your compatibility is by wearing clothes that compliment what your significant other is wearing. This could mean that you both decide to wear jeans, or a red shirt or plaid. However, showing up in a full ball gown when your significant other is wearing a pair of worn-in blue jeans is a serious faux pas.

What to wear on engagement session 1

Wear Color

Name one person who does not love autumn colors, so why don’t you take a cue from your surroundings and wear some crisp fall colors in your photos? Autumn colors are all about warmth, thus donning burgundy, gold and an array of neutral colors look fantastic when surrounded by the leaves’ beautiful changing colors. Try to avoid prints around the face because they can distract the eye. This is the same reason that actors and models don’t wear prints for their headshots. Instead, opt to wear solid colors for your close ups and instead play with texture to add depth.


Be Comfortable and be You

This is the most important factor. You have to let your personality and style shine. After all, isn’t this the person your significant other fell in love with? Wear clothes that are in your closet or purchase clothing in the style that you would normally wear. Anything that is too tight and uncomfortable, leave it behind in your closet. This goes for the fantastic pair of shoes you purchased that are beautiful, but you can walk no more than five steps in them before needing to take them off. Being comfortable will translate into your photos and we can assure you that you will look and feel comfortable and happy.

The autumn season is amazing and some of the best engagement photos utilized the season’s glorious colors and props to create stunning photographs. Remember, all couples should look happy, relaxed, complementary and in love. There is no better season to bring out all of those traits than the warmth of autumn.

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